Watch! Musa Keys React To Fans Who Touched His Private Parts On Stage

Watch! Musa Keys React To Fans Who Touched His Private Parts On Stage. Fondly referred to by his fans as the Tsonga Michael Jackson, he got his moniker because of his flamboyant style. He knew as early as 13 years old that he was destined for a career in music after he laid his hands on the church’s keyboard.

Musa Keys is among the most booked artists in the country, if you follow the “Selema (Po Po)” hitmaker on Instagram, you will know he is always out and about at performances. His gigs are always packed with fans screaming his name and ladies drooling over him. In the latest video the star shared, fans were seen touching his private parts and fighting to have a piece of him. “I love y’all but y’all be doing too much sometimes, “he reacted to females reaching to touch his private parts while on stage.

This is not the first time something like this has happened to the star. While on tour in Zimbabwe, one of his lady fans joined him on stage. The fan gave the Limpopo hitmaker a very steamy performance and left Musa with an idea that he should get a chair for his next performance. Musa sat on a chair for his next performance to get his lap dance from his lucky fans. “They need to go in hardaaaa,” captioned the artist.

Keys went on to produce songs such as Selema, Vula Mlomo and Abekho. “After Samarian Boy (first album) in 2020, I think that’s when people started to know who I am. But to me, I don’t think I am famous enough. I still have a long way to go. I want to reach international stardom where my music is known all over the world,” Keys said.

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