Musa Keys Reacts To A Critic Claiming He Can’t Speak His Home Language

Musa Keys Reacts To A Critic Claiming He Can’t Speak His Home Language. Amapiano artist Musa Keys is cementing his footsteps in the music industry with hits like Selema. Fondly referred to by his fans as the Tsonga Michael Jackson, he got his moniker because of his flamboyant style. He knew as early as 13 years old that he was destined for a career in music after he laid his hands on the church’s keyboard.

Real name Musa Makamu, he was born in Giyani, Limpopo, but grew up in Polokwane. The Amapiano star calls himself the Tsonga Michael Jackson, and even though he is inspired by the late American star, Musa does not shy away from his tradition. The star was recently accused of not knowing how to speak his mother language, XiTsonga, however Musa quickly dismissed the claims. “Lol who said I can’t speak Tsonga Sweetie? I studied that too as a subject my love,” he responded.

After high school, he studied sound engineering at Damelin College, but dropped out before he could complete the course to pursue music. It was his friend KalTonic who mentored him and inspired him to make amapiano music. Along the way he has also made a name for himself producing trap beats for gospel tunes.

Raised by a single mother, he regards her as his hero as she did all that she could to make sure he had everything – even though she didn’t have much. “Growing up was a bit tricky… I didn’t have everything I wanted but I had friends who had everything, so you can imagine how it felt like. Having an absent father put a lot of pressure on my mother. I had to do all I could to push and worked hard to have the things I wanted especially when my mother couldn’t grant them to me,” Musa shared.

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