Lady Du Shares The Only Struggle In Her Life

Lady Du Shares The Only Struggle In Her Life. Lady Du is a South African Amapiano artist and DJ. Lady Du started working on her music career since she was nine years old but struggled to gain recognition in the competitive music scene in Mzansi. She had her breakout many years later in 2020 after almost giving up.

Lady Du has taken to social media recently to share that she has everything she wants however she is struggling with losing belly fat. She revealed that she tried to get rid of it but has not been succeeding in doing so. “I have everything I want but umkhaba is dealing with me I’m telling I can’t get rid of it,” she wrote.

Lady Du is grateful to have reached the prime of her career after 15 years of hard work in the entertainment industry. The amapiano star recently graced the cover of UK-based publication Kade Culture where she was dubbed the “Queen of Yanos (amapiano)”.

Lady Du has shot three other commercial magazine covers around the world that are yet to be rolled out and the star has more international surprises for her fans when she jets off to the UK, Dubai, and America in the coming months.

Though Lady Du said she does not care about the titles she gets along the way while working towards becoming an international amapiano star, it is undeniable she’s the biggest female artist dominating the genre. “I wouldn’t dub myself as the queen of amapiano. I’ve never done this for a title, but I appreciate it when people call me all of that because it’s how they view me. I was the first female to have the highest streams on amapiano and be on 100 songs at a time. “When you look at the streams on the songs, most of them are platinum, I’m not on a piano song that is not platinum. I’m the highest-streamed female in amapiano.”

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