Watch! Toss Reveals Why He Used To Do More Than 7 Gigs Per Day

Watch! Toss Reveals Why He Used To Do More Than 7 Gigs Per Day. Amapiano star Pholoso Masombuka, popularly known as Toss, had his fans concerned after he took to Instagram live weeping. In the video, the former soccer player turned musician cried without revealing the reason for his tears. And since then, fans have been interested to know how he’s been holding up.

About a month ago, the Umlando hitmaker fainted on stage during his performance and concerns for his health and wellbeing mounted on social media. Addressing the incident in a video, Toss assured his fans he was well and needed to take time out to rest because he was fatigued. “I want to address what happened, I fainted on stage due to fatigue. I wanted to inform you that I am doing well. I saw a video that has been circulating on Twitter and I wanted to give you an update that I am OK and I appreciate the love and positive energies that you are sending out to me,” he said.

In an interview with MacG, Toss shared that he used to do 7 gigs per day because he didn’t was to lose out on any opportunity. “I used to do like 7 gigs per day. And I remember the day I fainted on stage, I had told my manager before the actual gig, that I wasn’t feeling well and I felt dizzy. However, there was a lot of back and forth with that and I ended up performing which led to me fainting on stage,” he said. He also assured his fans the podcast chillers that he is not on drugs. “No, I don’t do drugs. I’m clean.”

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