Vigro Deep Reveals His Favourite Thing To Do Besides Making Music

Vigro Deep Reveals His Favourite Thing To Do Besides Making Music. Born on the 6th of September 2001, Kamogelo Phetla popularly known by his stage name Vigro Deep is a teenage DJ and producer in South Africa who has made a name for himself in the music industry. Vigro Deep performs under the Amapiano genre in his dialect. He is known for noticeable hit songs in South Africa and is one of the youngest DJs in the Country.

Of course music is his first love, however, when taking a break from that, Vigro Deep revealed that his favourite thing to do when he’s not busy waking music is playing arcade games. He shared this fun fact about him on his Instagram story when he held a Q and A with his fans. Check it out:

Vigro has been open about his decision to feature undiscovered talent aligns with his values which are centered on empowering himself and others. This is clear through his decision to remain an independent artist. Many record labels have knocked on his door with offers but the 19-year-old has opted to bet on himself. He keeps his circle small and believes in maintaining his creative integrity and owning his art. “Growing up, I saw that a lot of artists signing to labels and sometimes, they ruined their careers. I’ve seen a lot of people make mistakes so I told myself that I will not be the person that does that. So I started my own record label and signed a licensing deal with Kalawa Jazmee,” explained Vigro.

His father, Victor Ngcongwana has been a major influence on how he navigates his creative and business endeavours. The legendary house DJ is one of the founding members of The Godfathers of Deep House South Africa. And while Ngcongwana has been instrumental in Vigro becoming a musician, he had very little to do with the progression of his son’s career. As a matter of fact, Vigro’s father was unaware that he had amassed a following until he could pay for his own things and eventually move out of the house.

That spirit of self-reliance is at the core of Vigro’s growth. It’s all about him doing his own thing on his terms.“People love me for the music that I make because I came with a different style,” he said. “I don’t do what other artists are doing; I am doing my own thing. I am building myself and it’s time that I arise and show that to the world.”

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