Semi Tee Opens Up About Being A New Dad

Semi Tee Opens Up About Being A New Dad. Semi Tee real name is Tumelo Ramila. He was born in Orlando West, Soweto, South Africa. He met his friend Kammu Dee while growing in Orlando west, and their passion for music solidified their friendship. Semi Tee was also greatly influenced by the Amapiano genre as a young boy.

Speaking on the lesson learnt during COVID-19, Semi Tee said he learner how to save money. “Now that I am a new dad, I have been teaching myself how to save money and make sure there is consistent cash flow,” Semi Tee said.

Semi Tee revealed that he grew up with no father,and being a new dad is something he is still the ropes of. “I grew up with no father, so I really didn’t have a father figure in my life. However, I am trying my level best to protect and guide my son,” he shared.

The rapper and singer knew he had a knack for music from early on in his life. Hence, he began honing his music skills as a 15-year-old in 2014. He drew inspiration majorly from the Amapiano genre. Semi kept fanning the flames of his music career from that young age, polishing his lyrics, mixing the right tunes, and generally getting better with each song he writes. While doing all these, Semi wasn’t on an island; during this time, he met his now bosom friend Kamu Dee in Orlando West. Being equally talented, the duo’s passion for music cemented their relationship.

Semi Tee then shot himself to greater heights with his 2019 banger Labantwana Ama Uber with the help of fellow music artists Miano and Kammu Dee. The trio collaborated on the song. Ever since the release of the Uber song, Semi Tee’s career has been on a whole new level as the song has taken the music star to where he couldn’t even have imagined he would be in just a few years after he turned into a professional musician.

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