Mellow & Sleazy Speak On Mixing Amapiano With Barcadi

Mellow & Sleazy Speak On Mixing Amapiano With Barcadi. The amapiano duo Mellow and Sleazy have kept Mzansi dancing their nights away, and hot on the heels of their success as hitmakers, the pair have released an EP called Midnight In Sunnyside. They’ve collaborated and worked on hits like Bopha — with Felo Le Tee, DJ Maphorisa, Young Stunna & Madumane, Nkao Tempela — released with Ch’cco, Thanda Kanjani coupled with Pabi Copper, 10 111 with fellow stablemate Mr JazziQ, and their two latest featured smash hits Abo Mvelo and Sjepa.

One of their biggest hits ‘Midnight in Sunnyside’ is a compilation of Bacardi and amapiano vibes. It’s all about life and the constant partying that goes down in Sunnyside. “The reason we chose the people we worked with on this EP is because we mostly like to work with underground producers and underground artists but talented ones. The name behind the EP was because we recorded all of it in Sunnyside at midnight,” said Mellow.

The pair said the music they grew up listening to, Barcadi, played a great deal in influencing their sound. The sound, most popular and associated with Pitori townships, was pioneered by veteran artists including Machance and DJ Dadaman. “We are very happy with the direction that we’ve taken because it has brought us this far and now we are busy with our new album and we are trying to push amapiano as well as grow the sound by mixing amapiano with different genres, so we are very happy.“I don’t really remember my expectations, but the blow up is not what I was expecting,” said Sleazy.

In an interview with Times Live, Mellow and Sleazy spoke on what fans can expect from them. “There’s a new sound we are pushing and experimenting with. That’s what we are focusing on and its called ancestral piano. It’s got Angolan and Nigerian themes and that will go into the new album and people,” said Mellow.

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