Lady Du’s Father DJ Choc Apologizes To His Daughter Following Viral Video

Lady Du’s Father DJ Choc Apologizes To His Daughter Following Viral Video. Refining her sound to become a leading figure in amapiano, which exploded as a worldwide phenomenon at the dawn of the 2020s. Hailing from a musical family (which includes her father, DJ Choc, and uncle, DJ Zan D), Lady Du naturally gravitated toward DJing as a child, and went on to win national competitions.

Lady Du’ father, DJ Choc has publicly apologized to his daughter after calling her out. DJ Choc shared a video of himself swearing at his daughter and it went viral.It started after Lady Du allegedly lied about her upbringing which resulted in her father getting angry with her.However, the star’s father admitted to being wrong and said he regretted venting out about his family matters in public.Dj Choc released a statement saying: “I would like to sincerely apologize for the video of me discussing my daughter, Lady Du”

He said the video in which he was just venting out, landed in the wrong hands.“Following the claims made by my daughter, I recorded the video and shared it with a family member to vent out my frustrations regarding a story supported by Lady Du about her childhood”, he said.

Her father DJ Choc slammed her on video and hurled some insults. This comes after a publish by the Amapiano performer portray her struggles rising up, and might need implied that her upbringing was considerably poor. But that ruffled her father up and he took a video hurling a bunch of insults at his personal daughter. In the video, the pissed off father stated he did everything for Lady Du and that he’s confused when she implies that she grew up struggling.

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