Here’s Why Black Twitter Is Showing Musa Keys Some Love

Here’s Why Black Twitter Is Showing Musa Keys Some Love. He loves music so much that he refers to himself as the Tsonga Michael Jackson and like his hero, he wants to make sure all his performances stand out. Musa Appreciate Makamu, Musa Keys to his fans, seems to have it all. The voice, the fashion sense, the looks and the charm.

The self- acclaimed Tsonga Michael Jackson has been touring Africa and he is very excited to see where his music takes him. He hopes to reach large crowds with his music and to leave a lasting impact on amapiano genre and music in general in South Africa.

The star is topping the trends list on Twitter as his fans have decided to give him his flowers while he can still smell them. Musa Keys is a vocalist, producer, performer and guitarist; and this is something his fans finds interesting that the star is multitalented. He recently had a show in Botswana, and fans were singing along to his songs. Check out more reactions:

He says that he would like explore fashion and film one day and see where it would take him.“I have a good eye for fashion, my drip is always on point and I have a good eye for filming. I would love to bring some of the concepts in my mind to life, I always envision things in my mind.”

He’s an overthinker, he says. But he’s found a way to use that to his advantage and always analyse and strategize his next move.“I always think of new ways to do things. I don’t want to be found sitting and doing nothing. I always think of all the people trying to make it in the industry, so I always make sure that I stay on my feet. My mind keeps me motivated.”

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