Dj Stokie Addresses Accusations Of Refusing To Refund A Promoter

Dj Stokie Addresses Accusations Of Refusing To Refund A Promoter. If you’re in the know about all things amapiano, DJ Stokie would be on your list of pioneers. DJ Stokie, real name Setoki Mbatha, is a Soweto-based amapiano DJ mostly known for his songs Dlala Stokie, Amainternational, Ipiano e’Soweto and Superman. The latter has reached over two million views on YouTube.

DJ Stokie has taken to his social media to make it known that he has never said “No” to a gig.The star went on to share a conversation with someone which he had a deal with.In the conversation, it can be seen that it was stated Stokie will be rebooked for another gig in June. The DJ made it clear that he has never cancelled a gig before and the agreement he had with them was to be rebooked for another show in June. He wrote: “I’ve never made a NO show in my life and i’ve never cancelled a gig. The agreement was you will book us for another show in JUNE.”

He also released a statement addressing the accusations. “It is unfortunate that Kuhle Silevu decided to address the matter on social media. I believe that this misunderstanding could have been resolved amicably via texts or phone call. Since we are here now, please see my version of events. We have never missed a gig nor will we ever refuse to pay someone their money back and believe that it’s unfair for the promoter to make these allegations without engaging us,” his statement reads.

Although amapiano was founded in the eastern townships of Johannesburg, DJ Stokie was the person who brought the sound to Soweto playing it in a number of clubs and bars in and around the township.

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