5 Things You Should Know About Thebelebe

5 Things You Should Know About Thebelebe . Amapiano’s use of vocals has made some producers and vocalists household names over the last five years but a return to a percussion-heavy instrumental sound is set to dominate the future. The townships around Pretoria (or greater Pitori area) have produced some of the most recognisable Amapiano songs and artists over the past five years. Most recently, a crop of producers has developed a recognisably Pitori variant of Piano that is gaining recognition.

Check out these 5 facts about Thebelebe:

1 Although pretty young on the music scene, Thebele is already making a name for himself as a fine producer.

2 Thebelebe Onalenna is known simply by his first name Thebelebe.

3 Growing up in Pheli (Atteridgeville township and surrounds in Pretoria), this 20-year-old producer had two brothers who were DJs and guided him into music.

4 After years of producing music, gigging and shooting self-funded videos, Thebelebe woke up one morning with a hit on his hands.”Jebson”, the song which became a viral sensation after a woman was recorded dancing and blowing a whistle to it, has been Thebelebe’s first major hit and grabbed the ears of South Africans.

5 On his second EP, he is at home with long unassuming introductions that build up to devasting breaks and experiments with vocals in his compositions- something that could use a softer touch than what he is famous for.

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