5 Things You Should Know About Amapiano Star Gaba Cannal

5 Things You Should Know About Amapiano Star Gaba Cannal. The townships around Pretoria (or greater Pitori area) have produced some of the most recognisable Amapiano songs and artists over the past five years. Most recently, a crop of producers has developed a recognisably Pitori variant of Piano that is gaining recognition.

Check out these 5 interesting things about Gaba Cannal:

1 Khaka Yena, known commonly by his stage name Gaba Cannal, is a South African music producer and DJ. His music production is known for his soulful house take on Amapiano. His name “Gaba Cannal” when roughly translated into Portuguese, means “Let It Be”.

2 Gaba Cannal was born in Daveyton, Gauteng but he later moved to the east of Johannesburg, where he completed his schooling and ventured into music production. He Studied at Siyalakha Christian School then later moved to the east of Johannesburg were he grew up and finished matric in Fumana High School

3 He started producing music at the age of eighteen and started out his music career as a hip hop producer and a pianist.[4] In 2014, he released his EP titled, Abundance which opened ways for him in the industry and in that same year he created his own independent record label, Gaba Cannal Music Pty-Ltd.

4 Known for his semi-formal attire and smooth, soulful sound, Gaba Cannal adds a touch of class to amapiano (Zulu for “pianos”).

5 Cannal released his amapiano album titled Amapiano Legacy, which juxtaposed uptempo amapiano with downtempo deep house.

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