Watch! Felo Le Tee Reacts To An Elderly Woman Dancing To “Dipatje Tsa Felo”

Watch! Felo Le Tee Reacts To An Elderly Woman Dancing To “Dipatje Tsa Felo”. Born and raised in the South African town of Siyabuswa, Felo Le Tee taught himself to DJ and then, in the early 2010s, got his start as a producer making moody, slow-burning house tracks driven by rolling percussion and swirling synths. Many of his early releases came out on American labels like Open Bar Music and Nylon Trax, making Le Tee the rare Afro-house artist to cross over stateside. But following his move to Pretoria toward the end of the decade, Le Tee’s sound began to open up to new influences.

Felo dropped a major hit song titled “Dipatje Tsa Felo” and it has been making headlines and topping charts ever since. A video surfaced on social media of an elderly woman dancing to his single. Reacting to the video, Felo said he finds the video cool and loves it. Check it out below:

On releases like 2018’s Elijah, he rounded out linear pulses with syncopated log drums, and fleshed out his once muted chords with brighter, more cutting synth sounds and intricate call-and-response vocals. Marrying house music’s heads-down groove with amapiano’s emotional range, Le Tee’s 2021 album Paradise offers the best of both worlds.

Tsholofelo Mokhine known as Felo Le Tee is a musical genius. He echoes hard work and originality within the music industry. Felo Le Tee embarked on his musical career at the age of 14, starting with a collection of cassettes playing on both sides with the other one on cue. With the discovery of computers, he then elevated to digital DJing; today he is a hit maker.

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