uMlando Hit Maker “Toss” Opens Up About Being Suicidal

uMlando Hit Maker “Toss” Opens Up About Being Suicidal. Toss, the man behind hit single ‘uMlando’, born is Pholoso Masombuka, in Tsakane, the 22-year-old has been making headlines since breaking into the mainstream. The song received Mzansi’s undivided attention after a video of Toss doing the now famous uMlando challenge went viral beginning of the month. The viral dance challenge first made popular by Toss, requires that you find an unorthodox site (counters, trolleys, lampposts), nothing is off the limit, the more daring the better. Then you go shirtless, before showing off the provocative hip thrust.

While Toss had his fans worried few weeks ago, when he went live on Instagram crying, the star has finally broke his silence and opened up about being suicidal. According to TshisaLive, the uMlando hitmaker revealed that the day he went live, he was being suicidal but cried instead of talking about it. “When I went live I was suicidal. I just wanted to speak about it, I didn’t want to cry. I just wanted to tell people how tough it is. It’s not as glamorous as it looks. I wanted to speak about what was happening at that time, I could say anything. It was really crazy. My heart was broken,” he said.

The day Toss went live, he claimed to need love, but many didn’t understand; he revealed during the interview that he could have spoken to his friends, but they were part of the problem. “I was trying to vent. I couldn’t vent to my friends because they were part of the problem at that time, same with my family. Everyone was not understanding me at that time. I thought perhaps the people on the Live would want to give me an ear because no-one was trying to do that. I just needed some love,” he added.

The uMlando hitmaker said he finds comfort with his mom and an artist in the industry. He further claimed to be working on his EP, which will be dropping soon. Meanwhile, his hit single Umlando is doing well across different streaming and social media platforms. It was certified platinum in the last few days, and this is a milestone Toss doesn’t take for granted.

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