Sizwe Alakine Thanks Felo Le Tee For Giving Him A Hit Song

Sizwe Alakine Thanks Felo Le Tee For Giving Him A Hit Song. Reason now known as Sizwe Alakine joined the music industry as a hip hop artist in 2005. He gained popularity in the hip hop scene after releasing ‘Breathe’. The popularity of the track brought about collaborations with fellow rappers Proverb and Tumi Molekane. Since crossing over to South Africa’s biggest genre at the moment, he has collaborated with a number of popular amapiano artists including DJ Maphorisa on ‘Khanda Shisa’.

Sizwe is currently working on a new project, and he has shared that within it, amapiano producer Felo Le Tee has given him a hit song. Taking to social media to show gratitude to the star, Sizwe penned a message to Le Tee that reads: “Wena saan @FeloLeTee !!!! You gave me a fucken hit Yong!!! I do think you understand.”

Also known as Reason, the rapper has been venturing into amapiano as of late and is set to release more music within the genre to celebrate the deal “I’ve been looking for the best deal for me and my legacy for the past five years,” he said. “After all that I’ve done independently, I needed to work with a company that could do more for me than I could for myself. Warner has committed to growing both the Reason and Sizwe Alakine brand in ways that now on else could and I’m excited for the line of great music and creative we have lined up.”

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