9 Artists Signed Under Mr JazziQ’s Record Label ‘Black Is Brown’

9 Artists Signed Under Mr JazziQ’s Record Label ‘Black Is Brown’. Black is Brown entertainment is undoubtedly one of the biggest label in South Africa. The Mr JazziQ-owned records has done well in pushing the Amapiano sound far beyond its traditional boundaries.

Check these out:

Djy Zan SA

It’s no secret that Djy Zan SA is a titan of the Amapiano scene. The young deejay came into limelight with his release of Century which featured Fanarito, Konka & Kyika DeSoul. Due to the success of the single, he was hurriedly signed by Mr JazziQ.

Djy Biza

It’s refreshing to see Mr JazziQ supporting the next wave of talent to hit the Piano community. Over the past couple of years, he has helped groomed known producers such as Busta 929, Ulazi and now he sets his mind on Djy Biza, a young producer and deejay known for his numerous heaters with Djy Zan SA.

kay Invictus

Kay Invictus is producer who has been doing the most in the music scene. The relative newcomer has made quite some big moves for himself, with productions that have dominated local bars and dancefloors.

Tsiki XII

Tsiki XII was once a member of Entity MusiQ untill last year when he decided to go solo and ever since then, he has released a steady stream of originals and remixes, including the piano hit single, Bheka Mina Ngedwa which featured Lady Du, Khanyisa Jaceni and Marcus MC.

F3 Dipapa

F3 Dipapa is one of Black is Brown’s earliest member, together with Mr JazziQ, they both have held the label till the signing of additional members. F3 Dipapa is an artist that brings something new to the table, a flair that always project the Amapiano sound to the next level.

Phoenix SA

Phoenix SA isn’t just any vocalist, he is a Vocalist with a difference. Since his emergence in the scene, he has worked with several producers and helped in the creation of multiple heaters. It’s no surprise he was among those signed into Black is Brown records by Mr JazziQ.


M.J is a vocalist who has earned a high level of reverence as he’s pushed some of the best Amapiano music in recent times. He is well known for his big tunes that have rocked stages all over the country.

The real Lemaza

The real Lemaza is a vocalist, songwriter and content creator known for his dance-floor friendly big room style. He was recently signed to Black is Brown Records after he successfully caught the attention of listeners during one of his live performance stream.

Djy Ma’Ten

Without you knowing, the plates of the Amapiano music’s landscape are constantly evolving into something better and it is producers like Djy Ma’ten who have made moves like this possible. They young Deejay who was recently signed to Black is Brown records by Mr JazziQ has made quite an effort in pushing his craft and now, he is eating the fruit of his labour.

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