Pic! A Fan Reacts To Ignoring Uncle Waffles’ DM Two Years Ago

Pic! A Fan Reacts To Ignoring Uncle Waffles’ DM Two Years Ago. She went from begging to play a 5-minute set in a club to becoming one of the most booked DJs in the country in a matter of days. This is a blessing that Uncle Waffles – whose real name is Lungelihle Zwane – does not take for granted. In her viral video, she’s seen entertaining a crowd with her dance moves during a set she played at Zone 6 venue in Soweto. The video is currently sitting on 3,9 million views on Twitter and has been retweeted over 35 000 times.

Uncle Waffles was not popular in the entertainment industry about two years ago, and this is mainly the reason why a social media user ignored her DM. With her being in the limelight and fame, a fan shared a screenshot of his DM conversation with Uncle Waffles and it seems the fan regrets ignoring a message from Waffles, and he took to social media to express his regret to not responding back. See tweet:

In an interview, Uncle Waffles opened up about perfecting her craft during lockdown. “I worked with a lot of creatives, including DJs, in my daily life. When they’d be around, I’d ask to try mixing and I definitely sucked. This changed when a DJ called Stunner actually started teaching me. We’d spend hours on end trying to work on my mixing. After 3 months, he stopped teaching me and insisted that all I needed to do was practice, so I did.Day in and day out during lockdown I’d go to a studio and practice. I would record my mixes to listen to my mistakes and work to improve on those. It took almost a year for me to gain enough confidence to take bookings.”

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