Abidoza Reveals His Biggest Dream In The Entertainment Industry

Abidoza Reveals His Biggest Dream In The Entertainment Industry. Born and raised in Marokolong Hammanskraal, Amogelang Thorne Chabangu developed a passion and drive for music. This then gave birth to the ABIDOZA brand. With over 10 years of experience in the South African music industry his first major production came in 2018 when he produced the hit song Baby Boy with Tumza D’Kota and Tsitso.

Abidoza and his 10-year career has brought him to a place where is undeniable. The multi-talented producer is nudging his way into the Amapiano mainstage with consistent hits and working with some of the best artists in the country. With that said, he still has a huge dream or rather a milestone that he wishes to achieve. Abidoza revealed that he always had a dream to host his own show and he believes that this year he will achieve that. “I’ve always had a dream to host my own show one day and this year I’m making that dream come true, come rain or sunshine,” he wrote.

He recently released the visuals for Motho Ke Motho alongside Mpho Sebina and Jay Sax. The song takes us through a journey of self-reflection, looking at the world from the eyes of gratitude and fulfilment. Ultimately reminding us that as a people, we are, because of others. As the old saying says: “Motho ke motho ka batho (I am because you are)”.The combination of Abidoza and Mpho, is nothing short of amazing as her voice gracefully brings the message of humanity through the speakers and deep into your soul. This and the beautiful sounds of Jay Sax take it to a whole new level, as his saxophone ties any doubt that one may have on this offering

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