Watch! Uncle Vinny Throws Money At The Crowd In Ghana And No One Picks It Up

Watch! Uncle Vinny Throws Money At The Crowd In Ghana And No One Picks It Up. Uncle Vinny has become arguably the most famous teenager in South Africa, with more a million followers across various social media platforms. Uncle Vinny’s real name is Kabelo Vincent Ndlovu, and he has become the president of the South African youth as many refer to him. Videos of him dancing at events have gone viral and his moves have become popular all over the country. Rapper Riky Rick recently shared a video mimicking Vinny’s dance moves.

Having emerged in 2019 as a protégé of “Boss Zonke” hitmaker Riky Rick, Vinny has gradually established a legion of young fans who follow his every move. While the star continues to rise, Vinny hasn’t been immune to the occasional blunder. During a show in Accra, Ghana, the teen sensation attempted to throw money at the crowd but the stunt didn’t go according to plan. In a video that has since gone viral, patrons at the Ghananian club look glum as the money falls to the floor. Which was definitely not the response Vinny was expecting. Check it out:

Social media has been relentlessly roasting him since the video went viral. Check out some reactions on Twitter:

He’s a TV presenter on MTV Base and actor by profession but he’s renowned for his dance videos that have gone viral on social media while MCing events, and now Uncle Vinny is expanding his portfolio as a reality TV star.“This is what I envisioned myself doing while I was still in high school. It’s something I’ve always looked forward to. This is my path and this is what I’m going to follow for the rest of my life,” Vinny said in an interview.

Vinny said he always knew he “belonged” to the streets while he was in school and because he was always out and about, “haters” thought he was going to fail.“My parents are very happy as long as I’m following what I like. The only thing they were crying about was my matric. I did my matric and I passed, unfortunately for the haters who thought I would not pass and I took a decision to follow what I want to do.”

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