Watch! Focalistic Reacts To Claims That He Wears A Fake Franck Muller Watch

Watch! Focalistic Reacts To Claims That He Wears A Fake Franck Muller Watch. Focalistic’s style of music is versatile. He calls it Pina Tsa Ko Kasi, and although he doesn’t consider himself to be a rapper in the traditional sense, he has showcased his rhyming skills on beats ranging from Trap to Kwaito and even Amapiano.

Known for his addictive versus and incredible dance moves, Focalistic has the style to match. Whether it’s local or designer, performance, or music video, the Ke Star hitmaker never disappoints when it comes to looking good, and isn’t afraid to spend his money on luxurious clothes. A critic claimed that the star was wearing a fake Franck Muller watch, and Focalistic couldn’t let the hate continue as he shot a video showing his expensive watch that comes with a certificate of purchase, saying: “I don’t usually do this, buy I had to show you that I don’t buy fake. After this, show me your bank balance since you’re too forward.”

Focalistic’s music has the mass appeal most trap and boom bap rappers’ doesn’t have in South Africa, a country that’s known for its affinity to dance music. Rapping over amapiano beats means he meets the people where they are—amapiano is the most popular style of house music in South Africa at the moment.Focalistic’s raps are in Sepitori—a vernacular spoken in Pretoria townships made up of a variety of South African languages, mostly Sesotho, Setswana and tsotsitaal (slang). His flows contorts accordingly to sit over the undulating beats. Hip-hop, old school kwaito and Pitori’s diBarcadi house music are some of the genres he references. His music consolidates a lineage of the genres he grew up listening to.

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