Uncle Vinny Shares His 2021 Drawing Board And What He Has Achieved From It

Uncle Vinny Shares His 2021 Drawing Board And What He Has Achieved From It. The 19-year-old has made a name for himself, mostly for his dancing prowess, inspiring the viral #UncleVinnyChallenge even famous faces such as rapper Riky Rick joined in: the Mali Eningi hitmaker posted a video to Instagram of himself, shirtless and sporting a red Balenciaga towel, as he gives the dance challenge his own interpretation.

One thing Gen-Zs are known for is the hustle — and maximising their use of social media in ways that have proved lucrative. One of them is Uncle Vinny whose real name is Kabelo Vincent Ndlovu. The star has since been making moves and even went as far as drafting a drawing board for the year 2021 as a way to motivate himself into reaching his goals for that year. The star shared that he has achieved goals such as launching a new rodeo, to make R400 000, reach 500k followers, move his parents out of the hood, and securing himself a car and an apartment. However, he hasn’t managed to score an acting role, release a soccer jersey in collaboration with PUMA, and also falling in love as he had hoped for. Check it out:

Simply put, Uncle Vinny is a mood and everyone wants a piece of him. So massive is his appeal that some have declared him the new “coolest kid in Africa” (sorry, Nasty C). But the MTV Base VJ says he wants South Africans to recognise that he’s much more than a majaivane (street dancer). “Dancing is part of me,” he says of the craft that has catapulted him to overnight-like success. His signature moves have captured the spirit of the amapiano generation. We are going through a restructure that has amapiano at its core. We are taking part and being proud of our own genre — not genres from overseas. We are pushing our own thing and the world needs that.”

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