Maphorisa Shares Some Financial Advice For His Industry Peers

Maphorisa Shares Some Financial Advice For His Industry Peers. Themba Marabi Sekowe, known professionally as DJ Maphorisa, is a South African record producer, DJ and vocalist. The artist has a lot of great hits to his name. His first big track came in when he was a member of Uhuru. The hit featured Mafikizolo’s 2013 smash hit, Khona. The DJ was a co-producer on the track. He has been in the industry for a long good time, which explains why he is the best in his niche.

The music producer shared that he lived after the first hit and didn’t rush to bend the luxury, but he ensured that he would secure a home for himself. He then said he would continue to upgrade his wardrobe by purchasing designer wear that is still rocking. Phori urged people to live their lives step by step at a time, just like everyone else, to avoid a terrible crash. “After buying the same first house as the car, I started wearing Gucci nLv. Don’t hurry U crushes badly Performs the basic steps n Make sure the environment is consistent More ur no drip fact cap. I’m I am concerned that there is no competition in the game because of this. “

Cassper Nyovest also offered the same financial advice with his followers after splurging so much money on chains and cars. “Gents, have your fun with your money, I would recommend that. What I would also recommend highly is that you get a financial adviser and planner to plan your growth and your future cause that money is going to slow down, even if you stay hot. It’s not about falling off, trust me!” he wrote.

“The other thing I believe in is balance. I see ni**as wearing 400K worth of clothes and I get worried cause I’m like yo, this show biz money will slow down at some point. Buy cribs ni**as. I ain’t hating I’m giving you game. Have your fun but don’t forget to plan a lil bit. Everyone, it’s becoming a culture that new artists want to prove they are doing well or that they belong by buying Gucci and LV. Bafethu, if you don’t balance and plan your future as well, it’ll all end badly. Do your thing, get all the Drip but in the background, plan you life.”

He admitted that he wasted a lot of money and that he is not perfect, and that Oskido helped him get his affairs in order, “I’m just giving niggas game. I am not perfect myself, I wasted a shit load of money too. I was just lucky enough to have listened before to was too late and I turned my life about. Oskido used to come to my house to call me to order. I am glad I listened. Balance gents! Try!”

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