Kamo Mphela Reacts To Claims That Slik Talk Is ‘Coming’ For Her Next

Kamo Mphela Reacts To Claims That Slik Talk Is ‘Coming’ For Her Next. Internet troll and YouTuber Slik Talk, who’s best known for his regular YouTube criticism of SA artists, provided plenty of controversial moments. Slik who is also a law student has been sharing his controversial comments on artists in South Africa, and despite the hate he receives, he still thrives and continues doing what he’s known for.

Slik Talk shared his take on DJ sensation Uncle Waffles. Slik Talk claimed that the popular DJ, has no talent and she’s a gimmick. “I called it from the first time I saw her. No talent, nothing. I saw her Instagram live and she started DJing like six months ago, and I wasn’t impressed. Making mistakes and I was like (nope). You don’t start somewhere and start getting R20 000 a gig, you gotta build up like everybody else.“That’s why I respect Black Coffee, Prince Kaybee, even DJ Speedsta,” he said.

The comments he made on the rising star became a hot topic on social media, with the likes of Kamo Mphela coming out to defend Uncle Waffles, telling Slik Talk to stop hating on women who are more successful than him. “He needs to stop hating on women who are more successful than his existence 🙄🚮. What a waste of sperm,” Kamo wrote.

This was shortly after Slik Talk said he was coming for Kamo Mphela, implying that he has some comments he was to share about the star. With Kamo having a show that’s coming up, she is asking her fans to buy tickets and attend, and she also reacted to the claims that Slik is also coming to her next, advising him to also buy a ticket. Check it out:

Speaking on amapiano star Reece Madlisa, he claimed the artist had fallen off.“That’s the thing about amapiano, you go viral, then you’re hot for three months and then, suddenly, you’re not hot anymore,” he said. He also claimed that globe-trotting amapiano artist Focalistic is “done”.“He enjoyed the ride too much in the USA, now he has nothing to offer here … I think he took it to the globe and he should’ve stayed there, because him coming back here is no good for us,” he remarked.

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