Kamo Mphela Opens Up About Her Complicated Relationship With Her Mother

Kamo Mphela Opens Up About Her Complicated Relationship With Her Mother . Kamogelo Mphela (born 29 November 1999), is a South African dancer and singer. She became an internet celebrity after she posted a video of her dancing on her social media account.

“I was close to my mom but I wasn’t that close to her. So growing up mostly with my dad, I had to mother myself and also mother my siblings. I didn’t have that talk about periods and how to do my nails with my mom, I had to teach myself those things,” Kamo Mphela explained her complicated relationship with her mother. “However, with my dad working at the radio at the time, my mother played a huge role in my career because she spoke to my dad telling him to allow me to make my own decisions and mistakes when it comes to choosing my career path and what I wanted to do,” she added

Kamo Mphela’s success has been extremely rapid, and probably intense for a 21-year-old artist. Super rapid growth always bears the risk of a super rapid fall, but the singer has a plan for herself and the whole amapiano movement. “I just think people in the genre should stand together and just push the sound as a collective, apart from wanting to push it alone. Certain people just want their egos to be flattered rather than pushing the whole thing. Imagine if every amapiano artist would go to Kenya to do a show! That’s more powerful than anything”.

She has applied this principle to Nkulunkulu where, on 4 tracks, we find the likes of Vigro Deep, MFR Souls, Reece Madlisa, Zuma, and other top-producers from the country. “100 shooters” sounds like a club anthem, “Percy Tau” sees the singer deliver smooth and confident bars and “Mamazala” fuses influences from the biggest South African street genres of the past few years. It is about to be a big party in South Africa – and Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania or Zambia, where the piano vibes are rapidly exporting themselves.

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