Here’s Why Reason Thinks Robot Boii Is The Battle Rapper Of Amapiano

Here’s Why Reason Thinks Robot Boii Is The Battle Rapper Of Amapiano. Highly-respected hip hop star Reason has changed his stage name ahead of releasing an Amapiano single. The Johannesburg rapper has been dropping the new performance name on his social media for several weeks now, upon confirming that he has more amapiano tracks coming.

Reason took to social media to share that he thinks Robot Boii I’d the battle Rapper of amapiano mainly because every line in his verse is a punchline. “Come to think of it… @Robot_Boii is like the battle rapper of amapiano hey 😂Every line in that mans verse is a punchline,” he wrote. Check it out:

Robot Boii on the other hand has been one of a kind as he’s not only good with production but can be placed as one of the best amapiano vocalist in the country, and have worked with other top music artists like DJ Big Sky on Polo which was perfected by Sbhanga and Murphy, and also on SBWL AmaPlans where he connected with MFR Souls and DJ Visca.

His biggest song till date happens to be Location which was released during the peak of a pandemic. “Location” has been the talk of the town for many months now, as despite not regarded as a rapper or an amapiano artist, but rather, a musician as a whole, jack of all trades, Robot Boii linking up with SJE Konka and Freddy K to perfect the track.

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