Aymos Reveals The Nigerian Star That Inspired His ‘Yimi Lo’ Album Cover

Aymos Reveals The Nigerian Star That Inspired His ‘Yimi Lo’ Album Cover. Since the start of his career, Aymos has cemented his position as one of the best amapiano artists out! The budding sensation is only getting started, with two nominations for the South African Music Awards and over 20 million plays. Born Amos Babili Shili, in the Joburg township of Tembisa, the 24-year-old musician has been trying to break into the music industry for years.

The star recently dropped his much-anticipated albu titled ‘Yimi Lo’. While it wsn’t shocking to his fans that the star is about to drop an album, considering his contribution to the music industry, mainly amapiano. Aymos went to social media to share that his album cover for ‘Yimi Lo’ was inspired by Wi Kid’s album cover titled ‘Made In Lagos’.

Speaking on the meaning behind his recent album, Aymmos said it was inspired by his journey in the music industry. “The music on this album is inspired by my years so far in the industry and all the ups and downs I experienced to get here. When ‘eMcimbini’ dropped, I faced many obstacles that caused me to consider quitting music or trying to be someone I wasn’t. Holding on to who I am, and my values is what this album is about. I appreciate human beauty and accept individuals for who they are. Nobody has to change anything about themselves if they don’t want to. My album embraces love, warmth, and the spirit of Ubuntu, and of course good vibes!”

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