Watch! Cassper Reacts To A Video Of Sir Trill Rapping

Watch! Cassper Reacts To A Video Of Sir Trill Rapping. Sir Trill who has been hitting the industry since last year, has continuously proven to be the best at what he does as he even bagged a Best Amapiano Live Vocal Performance at the Amapiano Awards.

Cassper has been quite open about the influence Hip Hop has on Amapiano. The award-winning rapper took to social media to react to Sir Trill’s video rapping and asked did I lie, as Sir Trill’s video seemingly proved a point he recently made. “Did I lie? Wait, Cass is always on the money!!!!” Check it out:

Cassper Nyovest is one of South Africa’s biggest, most successful rappers. With a career spanning over eight years, six albums, and several smashed records, he’s a perfect example of what it means to get to the apex of African music. Cassper Nyovest has seen and done it all as far as the rap game is concerned. Now, he is fully invested in the novel sound birthed in his home, amapiano —‚ and its expanding reach across the continent and beyond. Amapiano has been making waves across the continent for some time now, putting South Africa’s vibrant sound and its players at the forefront of the African music scene.

Cassper had recently taken to social media to share that most artists killing it in amapiano are rappers, mainly because Hip Hop kids are smart enough to explore their talents. “A Lotta of the Kids who are killing it in the Piano scene are actually rappers & trappers who chose not to box themselves. You can see it in the fashion sense,you can see it with their names, their writing. Those are SA Hip Hop kids who were smart enough to explore their talents,” he tweeted.

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