Watch! Big Afrikaans Performs Amapiano In Afrikaans

Watch! Big Afrikaans Performs Amapiano In Afrikaans. Besides being the biggest genre in South Africa, the genre has spread out and influenced producers in other southern African countries, namely Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. There’s also a growing amapiano movement in Japan and they have started to produce their own songs. While the genre has been experimented by multilingual artists, it seems there is a new Afrikaans Amapiano that is set to hit the streets.

New emerging artist Meneer Cee also known as Big Afrikaans who recently hit the industry, has been quite open about singing amapiano in Afrikaans. The star shared a video of his latest hit and captioned it “Afrikaans Amapiano yashisa” while backing up the Amapiano beats with Afrikaans lyrics. Check it out:

Singer Dalootz and Meneer Cee dropped a song titled “Chee Die Hond Sy Kos” a few months ago, which the artists decided to take over the streets with a new twist so to say. Dalootz and Meneer Cee have been bubbling up in the South african mainstream releasing hit songs that get people talking.

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