DBN Gogo Reacts To A Viral Video Of A Fan Starring At Musa Keys At A Gig

DBN Gogo Reacts To A Viral Video Of A Fan Starring At Musa Keys At A Gig. Musa Keys widely known for his gold-selling single Samarian Boy and Vula Mlomo, has become a favourite in a short period of time. Both his singles have consistently stayed in the top 20 charts across digital stores and on radio rams for the past 2 months. 

Mua Keys took to social media to share a video f a female fan who was starring t him without blinking at a gig. The video caught the attention of many on social media as they reacted to the video, while some were asking themselves questions as to what could be going on in her mind. Considering that it was not the first time fas reacted in a weird way while Musa Keys is performing, DBN Gogo reacted to the video jokingly saying one day they would abduct Musa right in public. See tweet:

Check out the video below:

He is also gearing up to drop more music under his new management deal with the creative team from T Effect. Known as a leader in the game and for having years of experience in sound management of Multi-Award-Winning musicians from different genres in the South African music industry, The T Effect is proud to announce that it has signed super talented Musa Keys alongside his company – Top Tier Entertainment.

Musa Keys shared his excitement about this announcement and partnership with T Effect. “I’m excited for this new journey I will be embarking on with The T effect partnering with Top Tier Entertainment to further my brand and career as a whole, I think this will be a thrilling experience for me,” he said.

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