Cassper Reveals The Genre That Produced Artists ‘Killing It’ In Amapiano

Cassper Reveals The Genre That Produced Artists ‘Killing It’ In Amapiano. Refiloe Phooolo also known as Cassper Nyovest has been in the industry for a while now, as a Hip Hop star. However, the star gained even more popularity while showing his versatility while jumping into amapiano.

Cassper took to social media to share that most artists killing it in amapiano are rappers, mainly because Hip Hop kids are smart enough to explore their talents. “A Lotta of the Kids who are killing it in the Piano scene are actually rappers & trappers who chose not to box themselves. You can see it in the fashion sense,you can see it with their names, their writing. Those are SA Hip Hop kids who were smart enough to explore their talents,” he tweeted.

When a fan commented on his tweet saying Hip Hop is not like amapiano, saying people eat and share in amapiano, unlike Hip Hop where everything is different there. He added on by asking Cassper the last time his record label, Family Tree, signed a new artist. Cassper however, replied by saying that Family Tree has stopped signing artists. “Family Tree Stopped signing artists cause mother fuckers are ungrateful. I’m the only artist on my label. I will send verses out to new kids to help boost their careers but signing is a nono. Tomorrow ba go roga nkate you ain’t out niggas on. Ke lapile nna,” he wrote.

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