Watch! Kamo Mphela’s UK Performance Has Mzansi Singing Her Praises

Watch! Kamo Mphela’s UK Performance Has Mzansi Singing Her Praises. Kamo Mphela’s success has been extremely rapid, and probably intense for a 21-year-old artist. Super rapid growth always bears the risk of a super rapid fall, but the singer has a plan for herself and the whole amapiano movement. Vibes, energy, dance, are all central components to Kamo’s music aka amapiano, the latest avatar of the hyper creative South African house scene. The genre has been sending artists to perform everywhere on the continent, but that is not enough for the singer, who doesn’t take the “Amapiano Queen” title as a compliment.

Her passion for dancing started at an early age, when she accompanied her father who worked at YFM, and at events where she would perform on stage and dance which eventually led to her getting more exposure through live performances. She later became popular by posting videos on Instagram where she displayed her dancing skills.

In a country known worldwide for its incredibly rich dances, asits music, the young artist managed to differentiate herself. “I don’t know how man… I just think it was my time! There are really dope dancers here, but I think the choices that I made helped me blow up, like pushing everything on my end with the viral videos for example. And then, I just decided I could dance to my own music,” she said.

The star is now dancing all the way in the UK. She is currently topping the trends list on Twitter after her performance in London, and Mzansi is singing praises and all hail to the star for flying the South African flag high together with the Amapiano sound. See some reactions of Twitter:

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