Vigro Deep Opens Up About Not Being Fully Involved In The Remix Of “Ke Star”

Vigro Deep Opens Up About Not Being Fully Involved In The Remix Of “Ke Star”. Kamogelo Phetla also known as DJ Vigro Deep is one of the most recognizable figures in the genre as his music has been commanding dance floors across the country. His run in the last three years has been unmatched, especially for an artist his age. 

While his hit single “Ke Star” with Focalistic became a huge success, it later had a remix featuring Davido, however, Vigro was not a part of it nor mentioned on the song. There were rumours about Vigro being left in the cold by Focalistic, however, the two stars then fixed the issues of features and the track successfully dropped. Vigro opened up about what really happened and how it made him feel saying he was not happy with how Focalistic did his things and not being told about it beforehand.

“Yeah, I was not happy with it because of how he [Focalistic] did his thing. You know, it’s that thing of he never told me stuff about doing the remix, he just told me when we were at a show in Kenya that he was shooting the video for “Ke Star (Remix)” very soon. I was asking him when did he do the song, and he just told me he’d already done it and he’ll share it with him. I just expected him to tell me before then, and the other thing, he initially removed my name from the remix—I had to fight for the feature,” he said.

Speaking on how the song came up, Vigro Deep said: “Being around DJ Bucks is a blessing, we were never expecting it to be a really huge song when we were doing it. Bucks is the one who conceptualised “Ke Star.” Focalistic had started to catch the wave and Bucks gave him the lead of, like, how to do my songs. Focalistic didn’t know how to work with my sound when we first started working together, so it’s that thing of Bucks being the connector and tell him stuff like, “No, bro. If you want to jump on this guy’s beat, you have to sing like this.” That’s how Focalistic caught the wave and “Ke Star” was born.”

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