Major League DJz Get Candid About The Experience Of Their Reality Show And Being Filmed 24/7

Major League DJz Get Candid About The Experience Of Their Reality Show And Being Filmed 24/7. South African producer and deejay duo Major League DJz are some of the country’s established artists who have pivoted to the popular amapiano sound. As Major League’s name grew across the country, so did the scale of their offering. 

Speaking on the first season of their reality show, the twin stars said they are giving their fans a closer look into their lives. “Well they’re going to get to see what we do from a closer point of view than ever before. I think our fans have known that we are up to a number of things, but this is the first time that they get to see what goes on behind the scenes in our careers. They will see a side of us which they have never seen before, when we’re off stage and in our day to day lives, as well as how we prepare for our biggest projects,” they said.

Though their lives have always been in the spotlight, the duo said being filmed 24/7 is a bit different. “Oh yes! We had to adapt a bit. It can feel a bit weird waking up and already the cameras are watching you but what can we do, we just got used to it after a while and at times you forget that the camera is on as well,” they added.

While reality shows are often scripted, Major League DJz said they wob’t be leaving anything out including raw moments. “There’s definitely drama in this one! You will see all the raw moments, you will see us get annoyed, you will see things go off-plan, you will see what it basically looks like in our real life. Sometimes there are chilled moments, sometimes there are hectic moments. We didn’t want to create a fake image of our life, you will see what we really go through.”

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