Lady Du Set To Help Artists Understand Their Contracts Before Signing With New Partnership

Lady Du Set To Help Artists Understand Their Contracts Before Signing With New Partnership.  Dudu Ngwenya real name Lady Du is currently one of the hottest voices in amapiano. Born into a family of musicians, her father DJ Choc and uncle DJ Zan D are reputable deejays and producers. Lady Du, real name Dudu Ngwenya, first learned how to play at the tender age of nine. Since then and during her early adult life, she had been trying to get a successful break into the music industry

Lady Du took to social media to her recent partnership with Growth nation, a sports management, to help artists as well as actors understand the business of their art before signing contracts and also help with more ways to make an income besides their craft. The star made the announcement while sharing that she is working together with her husband, Andile. She wrote, “Andile and I have been talking a lot about how this industry needs to change, how actors need to find a way to make money outside of their acting career, to be taught the legal way of negotiating their contracts, how musicians need to start learning the business before signing contracts they don’t understand, we prayed about it, ganti God was already planning it in advance, @growthnation_za came through guns blazing.”

“Here’s to actors getting what they are worth, here’s to a new platform to being represented well, South Africans getting good endorsements, the big Guns have arrived, if international actors and artists can get it, what makes us different!!!! Thank you GNS for choosing us 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 here’s to creating platforms for generational wealth!!!!! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Follow them on Instagram @growthnation_za if you are an upcoming artist or actor.”

This comes after the star expressed her thoughts after learning of artists receiving only 3% of their earnings. The star seemed quite unhappy with it, hence she had a motive of working towards changing that.

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