Felo Le Tee Reacts To Chinese Children Singing His Hit Song

Felo Le Tee Reacts To Chinese Children Singing His Hit Song. Tsholofelo Machine, know as Felo Le Tee is the musical genius of the land echoes out hard work, originality and cultural music authenticity to the world were he preaches the house music bible. Born and raised in Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga, South Africa, Felo Le Tee embarked on his musical career at the age of 14 starting out with a collection of cassettes playing on both side with the other on on cue.

Today, Felo Le Tee has some of the biggest amapiano tracks playing overseas. One fan took to social media to share a video of Chinese children singing Deli’s famous hit ‘Bopha’ and the experience was quite amazing considering that the track is sang is Zulu language. The star was pleased with the video as he reacted to it saying, “GONE!!!!! SO COOL”. See tweet:

Felo Le Tee taught him self most of the things that related to music production and disc jockey to a point that he got discovered by a lot of people and became the peoples favourite. He wanted to elevate his career so he made it open himself to further his studies and move to Pretoria, where he studied and completed her studies on Sound Technology.

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