Cassper Promises To Bless A Fan Of His #TheBraaiShowWithCass In A Major Way

Cassper Promises To Bless A Fan Of His #TheBraaiShowWithCass In A Major Way. Cassper who has been hitting the industry for a while now has been making headlines recently for his braai show he’s set to host. The star continues to prove his versatility when it comes to the entertainment industry.

Cassper who is set t host his firs tv show titled ‘The Braai Show with Cass’ has promised a fan and lover of hi show a brand new TV. This comes after a fan showed Cassper a screenshot of the reminder she had set to watch his show set to broadcast tonight. “This would be the first time Mihlali is on Sabc 1. She got famous on the internet. I think a lot of young kids who don’t have dstv would love to be introduced to a story like hers don’t you think? Also, please suggest some names just so we understand. #TheBraaiShowWithCass,” he wrote.

This comes after the former host of the show, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, served The Braai Show‘s production company, Cake Media and Makhuducom Media with a lawyer’s letter demanding half of all the proceeds received in relation to the show, in his capacity as a joint copyright owner, as well as “the appropriate production credit as executive producer of the show”.

His legal team, Tailor Made Legal Solutions, also demanded that the SABC “cease the scheduled airing of the show… as per the tweet disseminated on the SABC’s Twitter page on Monday 09 August 2021″, and agree to this demand within 48 hours or face legal action along with “a cost order on an attorney and client scale”.

This attempt to get the courts to intervene was unsuccessful as confirmed by the SABC in a recent statement. “The SABC can confirm that the urgent application by Mr Kiernan Forbes to prevent the SABC from broadcasting the upcoming programme, The Braai Show, has been withdrawn and the public service broadcaster will proceed with broadcasting the show on Wednesday, 08 September 2021,” said the public broadcaster in a statement.

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