Pics! #RIP Mpura Trends As The Star Is Laid To Rest

Pics! #RIP Mpura Trends As The Star Is Laid To Rest. The star’s family, friends and his closest have gathered to celebrate his life in Johannesburg and honour his star power at the funeral, held at Protea South Hall, Soweto, Johannesburg. The procession for the Amapiano star departed for West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg at 11am on the 17th of August.

Mpura’s close friend Robot Boii was the programme director. The hitmaker’s friends and family spoke fondly about his youthful nature, successful career in the music and fashion industries, noting his love and flair for fashion with his own brand Mpura Designs.

Addressing Mpura’s mother, Lady Du reassured her that her son has left a lasting legacy in music. “The first day when Mpura was in the studio he wrote his song Impilo Yase Sandton. If you guys listen to that song, that is his life story. That is exactly what his mom went through. And mama I will tell you one thing: your son chose a career that is going to leave a legacy for you. He is going to still be alive in music. Can we celebrate Mpura? Mpura is one person who gave me an opportunity to work in the studio. At that time, I wasn’t in a good space. I told Mpura I can’t sing … And Mpura said to me: ‘Whatever you are feeling, you should feel through it in the song.”

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