Oscar Mbo Responds To A Fan Who Believes He’s Underrated

Oscar Mbo Responds To A Fan Who Believes He’s Underrated. Oscar Ndlovu, or DJ Oscar Mbo as he is affectionately known, has become a household and mainstay within the house and amapiano genres. He runs an entertainment podcast called The Ashamed Hour which dominates the interests of talents from different creative backgrounds, the outlet has always been a source for not only discussing talent but opening the industry for other talents.

Oscar Mbo has been making headlines recently for his EP and gigs. He has gained massive following and attention from his fans, that they even named him a certified grooviest. One fan took to social media stating that he believes Oscar Mbo is underrated. However, Oscar felt as though it was not entirely true considering the amount of growth his brand has witnessed over the last three years. “I’m not underrated my bro. The difference my brand has done in the past 3 years tells you otherwise, look into it,” he responded. See tweet:

By creating opportunities for other artists to shine online, Oscar Mbo has also earned a following for his music with international ears. “Podcasting became a bridge to reach the audience that is already following me. It has worked wonders in terms of creating a path for me.”

With his podcasts in the hearts of many international audiences, Mbo has taken his music from South Africa to as far as Paris, Lisbon and Portugal. “I have been doing podcasting since 2010…I’ve been hosting a lot of people from South Africa; young and upcoming DJs, the legends and also international DJs as well,” said Mbo.

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