Maphorisa Reacts To AKA Attempting To Sing His Verse On ‘Izolo’

Maphorisa Reacts To AKA Attempting To Sing His Verse On ‘Izolo’. Maphorisa, who’s long earned his belt for pumping out hits for almost a decade — from Uhuru’s “Y-tjukutja” and Mafikizolo’s “Khona” to his own “Oncamnce” featuring Stilo Magolide, Kwesta and Zingah — has been in the music industry for almost two decades. The star has been making dance songs from way back around 2008 to date.

The star is a record producer and disc jockey, but recently he has been showing his fans what else he can do which is being a vocalist. This verse on the hit single ‘Izolo’ sparked attention from both his fans and industry mates. South African rapper AKA shot a video of himself attempting to sing Maphrisa’s verse. Phori took to Instagram to share the video and react to it with some laughing mojies. However, he was impressed to see such big stars showing him love on his singing skills. Check out the video below:

Maphorisa has shown his versatility in most popular genres in South Africa. However, when amapiano became a promising sound to be this big, Maphorisa took the opportunity and explored the sound even more, to a point of becoming one of the pioneers of the sound. Speaking on what inspired him to jump into amapiano, Phori said: “With my gigs, I wanted to understand people’s reactions to this new sound because amapiano was underground. What really sparked my interest in the genre was that, at the time, I was looking to get into something that originated in South Africa.”

“Amapiano is part of kwaito and dance music. When I started working with Afrobeats, which hails from Western Africa, I felt that we didn’t have a sound that strongly represented South Africa. When I started paying close attention to amapiano, I knew that this was a sound that would take South Africa to the world. There’s a lot that you can do with amapiano — you can make it soulful, funky, dusty and hard or jazz it up,” he added.

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