Kamo Mphela Reacts To A Critic Claiming Makhadzi Can Dance Better Than Her

Kamo Mphela Reacts To A Critic Claiming Makhadzi Can Dance Better Than Her. Kamo Mphela, a singer and dance who became an internet sensation after posting a video of her on social media. Driven by extraordinary energy and ambition not limited to music, she has been singing her country’s latest and biggest hits, from the now-classic “Amanikiniki” to the hugely successful “Nkulunkulu” which is her own craft.

A critic took to social media stating they Makhadzi’s dance excites them more than watching Kamo Mphela and Babes Wodumo. Kamo Mphela reacted to the tweet stating though it might have been unnecessary, she agrees with what was said. “You squint but I agree,” Kamo Mphela replied.

Kamo Mphela’s success has been extremely rapid, and probably intense for a 21-year-old artist. Super rapid growth always bears the risk of a super-rapid fall, but the singer has a plan for herself and the whole amapiano movement. In a country known worldwide for its incredibly rich dances, the young artist managed to differentiate herself. “I don’t know how man… I just think it was my time! There are really dope dancers here, but I think the choices that I made helped me blow up, like pushing everything on my end with the viral videos for example. And then, I just decided I could dance to my own music!,” Kamo said earlier this year.

Makhadzi on the other hand has also been successful at what she does, singing ad dancing. The star gained attention after some of her biggest songs made headlines for song of the year, despite singing n her home la nguage Thsivenda. The energy the star gives off on stage is something that most loves her for.

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