Cassper Explains His Relationship With Mpura After Their Alleged Beef

Cassper Explains His Relationship With Mpura After Their Alleged Beef. The passing of Amapiano star Mpura has left Mzansi mourning. Fans and industry fans have paid tribute to the late star on social media, while some even reflecting on their relationship.

There were controversies between Cassper and Mpura, after one of the artists were accused of stealing a song. Following the passing of Mpura, Cassper expressed his feelings regarding that. He mentioned that it was supposed to be a big day for him as he had announced that he will be hosting The Braai Show, but could not do so considering the situation. One fan then outlined on his relationship with Mpura, however, Cass mentioned that they had sorted out their beef and on talking terms.

This comes after Cassper released a song with a title (Angisho Guys) same as Mpura’s on Friday, 30th of April and it made waves as it trended on social media. Some hours later, few persons publicly said the song sounded familiar, and investigation made it clear that Mpura had released a song with same chorus and title in early March.

Before people could successfully condemn Cassper for stealing the song, DJ Lady Du who is a featured artist on Cassper’s song, tweeted about the Angisho Guys theft saga. According to Lady DU, Mpura is the the thief.“No, it’s not. He took a song out of the original studio. That’s wrong JR, that’s why it didn’t go anywhere!!! You can still the plan but not the vision,” she explained to a fan.“It was cass’s song from the beginning nje,” she added.

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