5 Times Madumane (DJ Maphorisa) Shook Music Fans With His Singing Skills

5 Times Madumane (DJ Maphorisa) Shook Music Fans With His Singing Skills. Themba Sekowe, better known as Maphorisa has become an amapiano pioneer who has contributed so much to the growth and popularity of amapiano. Now he’s known as the man with the Midas touch on Mzansi’s music scene, making superstars out of the new talent he discovers. Although he has more than enough reason to brag, he’s modest about his achievements. 

He might seem like an overnight success considering how much of a big deal he is, but of course, as his true fans would know, DJ Maphorisa has been around for some time. “People actually don’t know but I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and I feel only now I’m becoming the artist I used to dream of becoming,” he said.

Though he is a record producer and disc jockey, DJ Mahorisa’s other talent is singing. The star has proved to be best at that with his vocals on some of the biggest amapiano hits in Mzansi. Recently, he has been making headlines with his vocals calling himself Madumane while he does that. He recently dropped the music video for ‘Izolo’ in collaboration with Tyer ICU featuring Dalionga, Madumane, Mpura and Visca; the track and visuals were well received by the fans, but what they couldn’t neglect was his verse.

A fan @PitsoRatsela took to social media to post a thread of Madumane’s verses on famous piano tracks. The other track Maduane went hard on the vocals was Stokie’s Superman featuring Kabza De Small, Madumane, and Masterpiece.

Speaking on making amapiano more accessible than qgom, Phori said: “At some point, I knew that gqom would reach its sell-by date because it was fast-paced and dark. I find that once a genre becomes dark, the songs end up sounding the same. Gqom was dope but I also felt like it was, only, for certain people. However, with amapiano, I realised quite early on that there was a lot that we could do with it.”

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