Reason Reveals What’s Missing On His New Amapiano Project

Reason Reveals What’s Missing On His New Amapiano Project. Amapiano is the biggest genre in South Africa right now with a wide range of artists, producers and vocalists it present on radio, and dominating groove too. Reason has joined the amapiano wave and announced on social media that he is re-branding and will go under his new moniker, Sizwe Alakine. He is set to release his first amapiano song, “Khanda Shisa”produced by one-half of the Scorpion Kings, DJ Maphorisa, on Friday.

Reason is also working on a piano project and has shared a couple of amapiano stars he’d like to feature on it, however, he said the only thing missing on his project is the other halld of Scorpion Kings, Kabza De Small. See tweet:

Before announcing that he will be jumping into amapiano, rapper Reason revealed he battled with depression for three years, which stopped him getting back into the studio and making music, however, he thanked DJ Maphorisa for getting him back on his A-game. “There lies a lot of hidden pain in loss. Loss of family, money, success, business, love, status, and even self. The spirit becomes vulnerable to the hard-hitting changes of life not going your way. And, coming from the hood, I’ve always taken on everything with my chest. But it built up and I just shut down.”

Reason said having long conversations with DJ Maphorisa helped him to get through it. “To tell you the truth, turning 34 found me making music and having long conversations with DJ Maphorisa that probably got me out of a three-year-long depression I didn’t realise I was under,” he wrote.

Assuring his fans, Reason said he is in a better place and was back to working on his music, and already has about seven news songs under his belt since his last album,  Azania. His fans are waiting to hear what the rapper will deliver within the yanos wave.

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