Pabi Cooper Teases Amapiano Song With Reece Madlisa And Busta 929

Pabi Cooper Teases Amapiano Song With Reece Madlisa And Busta 929. Fast rising amapiano dancer Paballo Magoro known as Pabi Cooper has been setting the stages on flame for quite some time now. The star gained popularity and fame following her dance moves on popular amapiano hits and making dance challenges trend. Since then, the young rising star has been unstoppable and working on yet the next move of her career.

The young star has announced that she is working with Reece Madlisa, Busta 929 and Joocy on her new single. Cooper goes on to sharing a teaser of the amapiano song, and her over six hundred thousand followers urged her to drop it as they certified ta hit. In the video shared, Busta and Reece Madlisa were in the studio with her, and they served some dance moves to the new unreleased song. See tweet:

Though with fame comes criticism. Last week, the first annual SA Amapiano Awards were announced with a string of nominees. The list sparked controversy on social media with some people questioning whether the list was as accurate as it should be, also questioning Pabi’s nomination.

In case you missed it, a genre previously largely side-lined or ignored by music award ceremonies, amapiano is finally getting its own special attention in South Africa. Taking to Twitter, an account dedicated to the South African Amapiano Music Awards that will be taking place for the first time here in South Africa this year, headed online on Monday night 10 July, to share a list of the nominees.

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