Lady Du Reacts To Being Nominated Multiple Times On Amapiano Awards

Lady Du Reacts To Being Nominated Multiple Times On Amapiano Awards. Dudu Ngwenya aka Lady Du as fondly known by her fans, has been working on her music career since the age of 9 years old, and it was only in 2020 that she received her big break. Though she broke into fame recently, Lady Du has already managed to reach great heights. Her face has made it on a flashing billboard on Time Square in New York, while her singles Dakiwe and Catalia are some of the most popular songs in the Amapiano scene.

With the launch of the first annual South African Amapiano Music Awards, Lady Du has found herself being nominated in multiple categories. She is nominated under these categories: Best Amapiano Lyricists/Rapper, Most Viral song of the year, and Best Amapiano vocalist. She took to social media to share and thank her fans for the support they have been giving her. “I’ve been in the music industry for sooo many years, being nominated on so many categories is soooo humbling. thank you sooo much. Kindly vote for me. to all the people I’m nominated with congratulations to all of us,” she wrote.

Her journey to success was quite long, and though she tried giving multiple times, her love for music kept her going, Just when she was ready to quit again, she received a call from Tumelo “Mr JazziQ” Manyoni who introduced her to Amapiano music. She made the singles Dabula and Superstar. “Superstar is me manifesting my life into existence. I sang about being a superstar, driving big cars, and living my dream life and that’s exactly what I received within a year,” she said.

“I’ve been told I can’t sing, I’m boring and I’m too old. But Mr JazziQ believed in me and that motivated me to make more music,” she added. Last year she released the singles Dakiwe with DBN Gogo, Seekay, and Busta 929 as well as the song Catalia with Junior De Rocka, Mr JazziQ, Sleazy and Mellow. “Those two songs put me on the Spotify billboard in New York, but the 20 years of hard labour and not giving up is what got me here,” she said.

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