“I Won’t Marry In South Africa,” Kamo Mphela On Her Marriage Goals

“I Won’t Marry In South Africa,” Kamo Mphela On Her Marriage Goals. Kamo Mphela, is a South African dancer and singer. She  became a viral sensation on Twitter when a clip of her dancing to an amapiano song circulated on social media. In a recent podcast interview with Banques and Venom, Kamo Mphela opened up about her relationships.

When asked about her relationship status, Kamo Mphela said she is single at the moment. “I am single. N*ggas don’t deserve me. I won’t marry in South Africa. So I’m just waiting to go to London or something. I’ve just met my few frogs so I’m just gonna chill,” she said. The star also agreed to have dated within the indutry. “It was an experience and a half, and I’d never do it again. Or rather, I’d never do it again with the same person. I’ve learnt my lesson,” she added.

Before working with Major League DJz, Kamo Mphela had a verbal agreement with Killer Kau’s management. When asked if whether there was beef or it was a peaceful transition, Kamo Mphela said there was a beef that behind her transition. Though Kamo Mphela had been rumoured to have been signed with Major League DJz, the star previously revealed that she is actually not signed to them. “I never signed to Major League. It’s just an association signing. I’m signed to myself. I met Major League at Moja Cafe when they were performing. That was there the first time they saw me. The asked me to come to the studio and started doing gigs with them.”

“If somebody can go blow 15K at LV, and you’re still on the same sneaker you were in the first time you hustled, it don’t make sense. It’s just sad when people take advantage of you when you’re not knowledgeable like that or you don’t understand the game yet. So that’s what happens until you have a conversation with others who already understand the game,” she added.

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