Focalistic Reveals Where He Got The Idea To Jump On Amapiano From

Focalistic Reveals Where He Got The Idea To Jump On Amapiano From. Pitori’s Maradona aka Focalistic has been hitting the industry for quite some time now. From releasing hit after the other, to being recognised internationally. Focalistic’s music has the mass appeal most trap and boom bap rappers’ doesn’t have in South Africa, a country that’s known for its affinity to dance music. Rapping over amapiano beats means he meets the people where they are—amapiano is the most popular style of house music in South Africa at the moment.

The star is one of the artists to take amapiano to the world. Speaking on where he got the idea to jump on amapiano production, Focalistic said: “As you can see, this is where I grew up, Ga-Rankuwa. The car that just passed now is playing a house song, one taxi’s playing house music, the next one is playing R&B, the next one is playing something else. Amapiano is from Kwaito, so it was a natural thing. It was never a decision of let me switch bands… people make it like there’s two different genres; hip hop and amapiano, for me it’s never felt like that, it’s one thing; good music.”

Focalistic’s raps are in Sepitori—a vernacular spoken in Pretoria townships made up of a variety of South African languages, mostly Sesotho, Setswana and tsotsitaal (slang). “Music is about location, and location is in music, culture, demeanour. So there are opportunities to build and grow your identity,” says Focalistic, explaining this doesn’t mean there aren’t barriers for regional artists. “For me it’s the limited resources, that’s the problem. Outside the big cities there’s a lack of resources for artists. That means maybe the move to a bigger city will be necessary for young artists, and that’s why it’s most important to never forget where you came from.”

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