DBN Gogo Explains Why She Is Blocking People On Social Media

DBN Gogo Explains Why She Is Blocking People On Social Media. Durban native DJ DBN Gogo is currently the hottest DJ in the game. Real name Mandisa Radebe, DBN Gogo undoubtedly owns 2021 on the decks, including all the other years since she broke into fame. She’s forever booked and was busy even during the chilly winter season. It’s getting even busier as the warmer weather heightens the party season. And playing the  Basha Uhuru, Rocking the Daisies, Home Coming Africa, among the YAM Carnival festival headline in London this year.

DBN Gogo took to social media to let her followers know that she is blocking cyber bullies. She wrote, “Rule no1 always. I block. I have no time for anything else. I’ll never be bullied on my own account. I’m not crazy.”

She further said that despite people being mean to her, she has been winning on her side. “Yesterday was soo weird yazi but I know my god will never stop blessing me just because you dislike me. I walk in the light. I would’ve been home by now but we just got two more shows this side ✨ Thokoza 📿,” she added.

The ordeal comes after DBN Gogo posted her snap while in Ghana. Some followers said mean things to her on the comment section, result in her blocking those people.

DBN Gogo started appearing on our TV screens from Channel O’s famous music series – Lockdown Houseparty. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always just been very musical. I used to play the piano, sing, dance, I used to do everything; it was just one of those things I hadn’t tried. It kind of sort of found me,” she expressed her gratitude at the support she’s been receiving.

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