Uncle Vinny Shares His Experience On Being Scammed By Women

Uncle Vinny Shares His Experience On Being Scammed By Women. Kabelo Ndlovu known to the streets as Uncle Vinny is the coolest kid who has channelled his love for music and culture into building his brand and solidifying his name in the industry. Despite tasting success at a young age and all the glam and shine comes so many obstacles one faces in the industry, especially when you beam at such a young age.

Uncle Vinny spoke about his experience with women, while saying he can see a scammer from a distance. “I take care of myself. I’d rather… the money that I have to go and spend on a girl, rather spend it on me. The way I can know if a girl is into Uncle Vinny or Kabelo is with actions. You can see how she gets excited around me, that here ahh… Next thing you want to get too close because I’m talking to Banele and want to know when we’re going to Altitude Beach… that’s what I’m saying, like girls… Me I can smell a dead rat that you, you’re trying to scam me. Guys you must understand that I love money so much, that if you are trying to scam me… that’s why we join the ‘stingy men association’,” he explained.

Vinny got his foot into the entertainment industry at a young age. “When I was in grade 4, I went to a theatre in H-town, that time I went because I was curious and so eager to be on television. So, I started with dance, then drama, I took on drama for longer, in grade 6 I was behind the scenes for a movie. To be honest, the interest for this industry kept growing and I just wanted to do more all the time,” he said.

Speaking on his plans for 2021, Vinny said, “It’s going to be a year where people say these guys are doing it. I am planning on furthering my studies, I am still looking for a nice institution for me but I want one that can go with my schedule and what I want to do. We trying to go international! We want to widen our communication with people outside of South Africa.”

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