MFR Souls Open Up About Their Car Accident That Happened Last Year

MFR Souls Open Up About Their Car Accident That Happened Last Year. Tumelo Nedondwe and Tumelo Mabe, who are popularly know as MFR Souls, are the pioneers of amapiano. MFR Souls caught the entire South African society by storm when they released their first hit single Love You Tonight. This incredible duo has captivated the music scene with their unique Ampiano sound. This group got their lucky break in 2019. Their hard work, however, began back in 2013. It took time for them to make it, but they have released continuous music that tops the charts once they did.

The Love you Tonight hitmakers were rushed to hospital after being involved in an accident on their way to a show on New Year’s Day. A message on the group’s Facebook page confirmed the accident and said the two group members, Tumelo Nedondwe and Tumelo Mabe, were “seriously injured”. It also announced that the pair would not be able to attend to any gigs until the end of the month to allow them to recover.

“It happened just after new years. To be honest, I never saw anything. I actually woke up when the car was rolling. The car rolled 7 times and it threw him out by the window and we found him a bit far from where the car was. And at that time, he was still sleeping. We were going to play at a club called Taboo, and that’s when it happened. All I saw after the car had stopped was that I had broken a leg. So kenale tshipi [I still have metal] stuck in my leg,” said Tumelo.

While the other half of MFR Souls also by the name of Tumelo said he woke up later the next day. “I woke up the next day, and I was surprise where I was,” he said while he mentioned that in his head he was still thinking about going to a gig. “That’s when I realised that I’m actually in hospital,” he added.

A picture of their badly damaged vehicle was shared by a page using the group’s name on Facebook and circulated on social media. DJ Prince Kaybee who went to the hospital to check on them also shared the image of their car which was damaged beyond repair.

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